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Hello, I'm Zohaib Ahmed.
Pakistan's First Young Adult Author

Ahoy there! I’m your resident Content Strategist with a whopping 12+ years of scribble-sorcery experience. When I’m not wrestling with words, I’m on daring quests to locate the last chocolate chip cookie in the office, pondering the mysteries of why pens disappear, and contemplating if coffee is a superfood. Fear not, for I’m here to sprinkle some magic and charm into your content kingdom!

My Books

TPL New Cover

Six friends thought they hit the jackpot when they got accepted to the world’s greatest university. But this place wasn’t just a school, it was a hidden paradise, reserved only for the chosen ones. And boy, were they chosen!


As they entered the gates of the university, they were greeted with a sight that would make their jaws drop. The place was a freaking palace! With technology so advanced, it could put Iron Man to shame.

But as they indulged in the lap of luxury, they realized that everything that glitters is not gold. Soon, they uncovered the university’s biggest secret, a secret that would put their lives in danger. And guess what? They had just become part of a freaking prophecy!

From the glitz and glam of the Mystery Castle to the posh town of Marshburg, you’ll join these six friends on a journey that will change their lives forever. Get ready to unveil the world’s darkest secret and witness a tale that will challenge your ideologies and blow your mind!

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In “Phoenix Legion & The Deciphering Limbo,” the second book of the thrilling trilogy, the Phoenix Legion faces their greatest challenges yet. Led by the calm and charismatic Azhar, the group embarks on a perilous 

journey filled with danger, mystery, and unexpected twists. As Azhar, along with his girlfriend Abeel, the loyal and talkative beauty, and the tech genius Ashar, navigate through treacherous landscapes, they encounter the enigmatic and sarcastic Maliha, the fierce army veteran. Alongside them is the strong-willed Katherine, the group’s manager, who adds sophistication and guidance.

With each step, they uncover dark secrets and confront ancient forces that threaten to unleash chaos upon the world. From the sacred tombs of Konya to the eerie underground pathways, they learn about the nefarious plot to open a portal to the realm of evil. As they delve deeper into the realms of magic and mysticism, they find themselves entangled in a web of deception and danger.

Their journey is not without moments of laughter and camaraderie. The comedic and brave Haris, known for his funny antics and unwavering loyalty, lightens the mood in the face of adversity. Together, they form an unbreakable bond, overcoming challenges and relying on their unique skills to navigate through the shadows.

But as they reach the pinnacle of their mission, a devastating loss befalls the Phoenix Legion. Viviana, a dear member, is brutally murdered, and their world shatters. Katherine, with tears in her eyes, delivers the heart-wrenching news that they must go into hiding. The threat against them looms, and they must seek refuge to protect themselves and decipher the truths hidden within the limbo.

“Phoenix Legion & The Deciphering Limbo” takes readers on a captivating and emotional rollercoaster ride, blending suspense, humor, and heart. It explores the boundaries of loyalty, the power of friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of darkness. Will the Phoenix Legion uncover the secrets they seek and emerge victorious, or will they be consumed by the very forces they aim to defeat? The fate of their world hangs in the balance.

It is the year 2032. Seven years have passed since the civil war in Pakistan ended. People have learned so much from their mistakes. Capitalism has fallen and Pakistan has introduced its own system of government. 

In these seven years, people have only witnessed prosperity and respect. Pakistan has earned a place among countries that shape the future of the world.

Among them is a young Paleoclimatologist, Sameer, who is the head of Margalla Weather Station in Lahore. He finds the increasing cold in the region to be very odd. Sameer’s curiosity has driven him to get hold of a pattern that makes him believe that the world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe. Prime-Minister of Pakistan agreed with his hypothesis but there is so much for him to prove before she can take his hypothesis seriously. She has given him all kinds of resources along with help from top scientists. Sameer’s shoulders now bear the responsibility of building an argument.

He was sent to Marmot’s burrow, a military station in Concordia. He along with his team is working on a strict schedule to prove his point. However, there is a culprit hidden among them who doesn’t want them to unravel the truth. Will he be able to do it in time? Will he make it a strong case or it is just a conspiracy theory?

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“Resilient Reverie: A Tapestry of Love, Culture, and Inspiration” invites you to journey through Pakistan’s heart and soul, as revealed through the evocative verses of this captivating poetry collection. 

Within these pages, you’ll encounter the enduring whispers of legendary love stories like Anarkali’s tragic romance and Heer and Ranjha’s timeless devotion. Each poem paints vivid portraits of love’s triumphs and tragedies, immersing you in the depth of human passion and emotion.As you delve deeper, you’ll explore the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s culture, from vibrant festivals and serene landscapes to historical landmarks that have shaped the nation. The collection also delves into Pakistan’s Islamic heritage, paying homage to its religious and historical significance. Themes of gratitude, valor, and the dawn of modernity provide a thought-provoking exploration of faith and history.

“Resilient Reverie” is not merely a collection of poems; it’s a celebration of resilience, strength, and the unwavering human spirit. From the laughter-filled tales of childhood to the poignant stories of sacrifice and triumph, this book captures the essence of life in Pakistan. Join the author on a poetic odyssey that encapsulates the beauty of Pakistan’s landscapes, the depth of its history, and the resilience of its people. “Resilient Reverie” invites you to embrace its enchanting verses and be transported to a world of beauty, culture, and inspiration.


I am Pakistan's Leading Brand Strategist.

Don’t be the Clark Kent of branding; let Zohaib help you unleash your inner Superman (or Wonder Woman) and take your brand to new heights. Ready to embark on a comically epic branding adventure? Better Call Zohaib!


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Zohaib is a brand strategy genius! He has a deep understanding of the branding process and knows how to create brands that are both unique and memorable. He also has a knack for understanding his clients' needs and translating them into a cohesive brand strategy.
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I'm Your Pitch-Perfect Wizard: Turning Words & Concepts into Winning Spells (Without the Pointy Hat)!

Once upon a time, I embarked on a journey that would make even Indiana Jones envious. Welcome to BéCanvas, where I’m the co-founder and chief content officer, the Gandalf of content wizards, if you will BéCanvas isn’t just a company; it’s my brainchild, my passion project that took flight from the fiery forge of my mind back in 2016 as Abstract Vision. Think of it as my superhero alter ego, but with a laptop instead of a cape.

With over a decade of digital strategy under my belt, I’ve danced at the crossroads of storytelling, strategy, and technology, helping brands connect with their audiences through words, videos, and a sprinkling of magic. I’m not your run-of-the-mill strategist; I’m the mad scientist of marketing, the visionary who doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk, while occasionally tripping over my own words (literally). And when I’m not busy saving brands from content chaos, I’m weaving tales as an author, brewing the next literary potion to enchant your minds. Stay tuned for “The Conundrum” and more adventures from the mind behind BéCanvas!



Rana Ali Zaman

Lead Director of Artificium

We were particularly impressed with Zohaib's use of AI to inform his brand strategy process. He used AI to analyze our customer data, social media engagement, and competitor data to identify key trends and opportunities. This allowed him to develop a brand strategy that was both data-driven and creative.